Elena's Bio & Background

Elena Maria Lopez is an immigration fraud victim turned whistleblower and citizen advocate.  In June 2018, Lopez identified and presented a series of national security immigration fraud cases to the White House. These involved foreign spouses using immigration loopholes to bypass background checks, proper vetting and hide criminal activities. These spouses then quickly remarried active military with high-level security clearances, often lived on U.S. military bases, and fraudulently sought federal benefits. (The FBI had contacted her about these cases in late 2016.)

For the past decade, Lopez has had high-ranking members of congress, the Department of Homeland Security, the F.B.I., think tanks, attorneys, investigators and journalists contacting her for background, data, research and national security trends regarding immigration fraud. She set up ImmigrationFraud.com in 2004 to provide credible information, data and resources to journalists, policymakers and victims.

She has also tirelessly lobbied congress to change immigration laws victimizing Americans and the nation's security.

Lopez is a former political journalist and financial writer.

She's biracial, Latina, a self-described "liberal" on many issues, and hails from the racially and ethnically diverse state of New Jersey.  She's also a registered Democrat that regularly calls out her own party by demanding protections for American-citizen constituents. She fails to understand why politicians put the needs of foreign nationals before those of their own U.S. citizen constituents.  Such political demands are not "anti-immigrant" or racist: Many of the diverse victims she's worked with for the past decade are either people of color, Latinos, multi-racial, first-generation Americans or naturalized U.S. citizens. (Also, many American Caucasian victims were defrauded by other Caucasians from around the globe.)

Lopez developed the nasty habit of chain-smoking cigars during her divorce by justifying it as her “Buddhist breathing technique.” In reality, she was trying to cope with undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder - PTSD.  Developing PTSD was not only a reaction to her husband’s repeated attacks, but the refusal of congressional members, bureaucrats and various levels of law enforcement to protect her from a violent man that mental-health professionals described as a sociopath.

Luckily, Lopez has since quit chain-smoking cigars . . . but is leaving it open as a viable option thanks to increased stress and continued government incompetence. (Although she is a domestic violence victim put in hiding by her state, the federal government  illegally released her private information over the Internet and to media organizations.)


Lopez caught red handed with her two vices: coffee and cigars. (She has since given up one of the two.)


After Lopez published articles that only 1 percent of green-card marriages are investigated, the DHS stopped publicly releasing related data. DHS insiders estimate fraud rates range from 20 percent to more than

50 percent.

Lopez counting deportable offenses her ex-husband committed; Documented with a retired FBI agent.

(U.S. Senate hearing)