Elena Maria Lopez is an immigration fraud victim turned whistleblower. She’s also a former political journalist and financial writer. 

In 2018, Lopez twice presented a series of national security immigration fraud cases at White House meetings. These involved foreign nationals using loopholes to bypass background checks, hide criminal activities and get fast-tracked green cards and U.S. citizenship. These people then quickly married active military with high-level security clearances, often lived on U.S. bases, and fraudulently sought federal benefits.  The FBI contacted her about these cases in late 2016. 

Lopez first discovered and raised the flag on such cases in 2012 with congressional leadership and administration officials. Rather than close the dangerous loopholes responsible, congress and the president made them permanent in 2013. 

She regularly calls out both Republicans and Democrats by demanding protections for both natural-born and naturalized American citizens. She fails to understand why politicians put the needs of foreign nationals before those of their own U.S. citizen constituents.  Such political demands are not "anti-immigrant" or racist: Many of the fraud victims she's worked with for the past 15 years are people of color, Latinos, multi-racial, LGBTQ, first-generation Americans and naturalized U.S. citizens. 

Lopez is biracial, Latina, and hails from the racially and ethnically diverse state of New Jersey.  

For the past 15 years, Lopez has been contacted by congressional leadership, the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, the F.B.I., think tanks, attorneys, investigators and journalists looking for cases, background, data, research and national security trends regarding immigration fraud. 

Lopez also tirelessly lobbies congress to change immigration laws victimizing Americans and the nation's security. 

Blowing Whistles -- Not Hot Air

Elena's Biography


Lopez counting deportable offenses her ex-husband committed; Documented with a retired FBI agent.

(U.S. Senate hearing)

Rampant immigration fraud was found in a 2019 congressional report with few checks and systems to catch such fraud. (GAO, 2019)

A 51 percent fraud rate was exposed in one DHS fraud audit. (FDNS, 2011)

After Lopez published articles that only 1 percent of green-card marriages are investigated, the DHS stopped publicly releasing related data. (USA Today, 2006)

DHS insiders estimate fraud rates range from 20 percent to more than 50 percent. (GAO, 2006)

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