During these two days, Lopez carried out 20 radio interviews with national and local radio hosts.  Upon returning to New Jersey, she carried out another 10 interviews in the days that followed.

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NBC (KPRC-Houston)

September 2018 - In her effort to publicize national security loopholes in pending legislation, Lopez took part in a two-day radio event on Capitol Hill. She also met with White House staffers and congressional members while there.

Press Coverage

Lopez's story has been covered in the national, international and the American Spanish-language press.  ​USA Today & The Arizona Republic , NBC news,  Fox News,  Israel's Haaretz  and the Spanish-language El Sol  Latino newspaper featured her story.

Since 2017,  she's been interviewed by almost 50 national and local  radio hosts about her story and the national security implications of ignoring widespread immigration fraud.

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White House, Congress &

30 Interviews

These included Iowa's political powerhouse Simon Conway (WHO Iowa), award-winning Heidi Harris (CBS & KMZQ-Las Vegas), Lars Larson (KXL-Portland, OR),  Phil Valentine (Westwood One),  the award-winning host and blogger "News Ninja" Wayne DuPree, African-American media mogul Armstrong Williams (Sirius XM), and countless others stunned by her story and the various other fraud cases she presented.

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Ms. Lopez Goes to Washington ... Again